[Update 2020] Your Whatsapp Account is Going to be Blocked

Your Whatsapp Account is Going to be Blocked_Latest updates of whatsapp for 2019
Latest updates of whatsapp for 2020
Hope you and me using whatsapp 100% because whatsapp has become the most popular messaging platform in the world with over one billion users worldwide, almost 7 billion population are living in the earth. Therefore, as with any major service, there are important terms of use which need to be followed or abide, if not, you could find yourself banned, either permanently or temporarily- from whatsapp platform.
What will happen if you get blocked from whatsapp? If you are banned by whatsapp permanently, You shall see the following message:

"Your whatsapp Account at this phone number
is banned from using whatsapp. Contact
Recently whatsapp take major action because many users forward illegal things like videos, images which is against whatsapp policy. Many reasons behind your account suspension, So i can imagine, how shocking it is when you get a message about your whatsapp account is to be blocked.

    Now whatsapp can take action and monitor your every message, So following are the major reasons which cause your suspension and you don't do these things in future and also share it with your friends and relatives.

    Top Major Reasons for your Suspension at whatsapp (Don't do this)

    1. Sending illegal, Obscene, defamatory or threatening messages.
    2. Messages promoting violent crimes too can get you banned by whatsapp.
    3. Creating fake account of someone or creating fake account with fake numbers using third party applications.
    4. Sending many messages to those peoples who are not on your contact list.
    5. Trying to hack whatsapp servers or to spying on someone.
    6. Using third party duplicate whatsapp applications like whatsapp plus, GB whatsapp etc.
    7. Using whatsapp to send viruses or many malware to other users.
    8. Trying to alter or modify whatsapp code.
    9. If other users reporting against you then you will definitely get banned from whatsapp platform.
    10. If you are sending fake messages to particular user then you also get banned.

    What to Do if You Have been Blocked:

    1. Show this message Your phone number is banned.
    2. Go to Contact support
    3. Go to Bottom side button and click.
    4. Write this message ( Hi dear, whatsapp team, Actually my number has been banned recently please remove my number from suspension list Thank You)
    5. After 2 or 3 hours or it may take 24 to 48 hours you have received email about your account status.
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